Friends of the Fowey Estuary

Matt Slater discussed the Ecology of the Rocky Shore and the 10 groups (Phyla) of animals which we might find there. We then collected our specimen trays and peered and delved into the rocky pools of Readymoney for an hour or so. All reported back to base and an ID session ensued. We had found species from all Phyla which was great. Heather Buttivant, who had come along from Looe and has been really getting her eye in for Stalked Jellyfish (UK Biodiversity Action Plan Priority Species) found one attached to a small piece of seaweed in a pool on the lower shore. It was identified as Lucernariopsis campanulata, one of many species of Stalked Jellyfish.

Fowey Rocky Shore Exploration Training 9.3.13 Rockpool Training Group

Sand Mason Worm, Lanice conchilega and Pipefish (from family Syngnathidae)

Mermaid's Purse - the egg sac of the Common Dogfish and other finds...

Breadcrumb Sponge, Halichondria panicea

Stalked Jelly fish, Lucernariopsis campanulata