Friends of the Fowey Estuary

Owls! 17/2/2015 .


Rachel from the Screech Owl Sanctuary gave us a really interesting, hands on talk about the Sanctuary, Owl ecology in general and about the Barn Owl, the Tawny Owl (Darling) and the Spectacled Owl (Aztec) she had brought with her. As with all the birds in the Sanctuary, they were rescued for one reason or another. It sounds a great place to visit for adults and children alike. I reckon I saw as much pleasure and delight on the faces of the 37 adults present as I did on the faces of the 8 children as we were each given a chance to stroke the Owls. Some of us handled them too as the photographer from the Cornish Guardian was present and had been asked for a series of photos.

A very enjoyable evening and now we all know the difference between crepuscular, nocturnal and diurnal and what a nictitating membrane is...


PS What was the beautiful Barn Owl's name – I've forgotten?

Fore more information about the Owl Sanctuary CLICK HERE