Friends of the Fowey Estuary

Claire Hoddinott had organised the evening which was held at Trenython Manor – a great venue and we appreciated their welcome and hospitality.

Claire and Alice were presented with 'leis' in Hawaiian style – by Rob Wells who had collected and created the 'necklaces' made, of course, from bottle tops retrieved from beaches.

Claire W outlined the programme to demonstrate to DEFRA the shocking amount of litter in our seas and washing up on our beaches. There is currently a consultation for the 'Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) Proposals for UK Programme of Measures' which includes a section on Marine Litter. She urged us to collect tops during our beach cleaning and these would be strung together into an impressive chain to make the point to government that this is unacceptable. Ideas on how to present them are requested!!

Alice continued by illustrating the effects of this litter on one of many species. She has been particularly studying Fulmars' which are unable to regurgitate the plastics they take in and which stay in their guts for a long time probably killing them through dehydration and starvation. Fulmars are particularly susceptible as they are surface feeders, mistaking the plastics for small food.  

Marine Litter, 29/1/2015 .