Friends of the Fowey Estuary

What a fabulous day!

Matt Slater with his colleagues from Cornwall Wildlife Trust joined Friends of the Fowey Estuary volunteers to present a very, very enjoyable day on Town Quay during regatta week. Phil Croxton of Fowey Aquarium on the town quay supplied fantastic examples of crabs and a lobster for the twice daily, very well-attended, crab talk. The shark talks also attracted great interest and the sight of the jaw of a Great White, complete with scary teeth made a huge impression! The large edible crab stole the show with his effortless cracking of very hard walnuts in his pincers!

As always, I noticed that the parents were as interested as their children. Matt has a great way of involving us all totally when he is talking about marine life. There were also plenty of leaflets and marine items of interest to investigate on the stand.

Claire Hoddinott had brought along the necessary equipment for children to make jellyfish and sharks and this was very absorbing and enjoyable – some impressive jellyfish with multicoloured tissue paper tentacles were to be seen on Town Quay along with a number of benevolent looking basking sharks.

So, a big thank you to all who helped to make this such a successful day and we hope very much that it will continue as a regular feature at the regattas of the future!


Marine Day, 19/8/2014 .