Friends of the Fowey Estuary

Walk in Lantyan Wood, 4/5/2014 .


A Beautiful View of Blue

It was a lovely sunny morning on Sunday 4th May and a group of 17 gathered at Lantyan Woods to take a stroll in the woods, admire the bluebells and learn a bit more about the dormouse box scheme being run by our volunteers.

Rob Wells, who is one of our members and is also a licensed dormouse monitor, showed us a dormouse box and some hazelnuts that had been opened by different animals. The dormouse is quite distinctive in how it eats the nut; the hole it gnaws has a smooth rim. He also brought along some more exotic looking nuts from his recent trip to Peru which had similar gnawing marks.

As we went into the woods we were treated to an amazing display of Bluebells, like a carpet of blue amongst the trees.

Rob took a look in 4 of the dormouse boxes and reported back to us that 2 of them had blue tit nests with eggs inside, not the desired inhabitant but heart-warming all the same. In fact, at Rob’s visit in April, out of the 50 boxes in the wood, 50% of them were being used by birds, although dormice nest later and are known to build their nests on top of old bird’s nests, so we’ll see what is found later in the year.

David Guiterman, another of our members, was also on hand to talk to us about the woodland, he is the volunteer warden for the woods which is owned and managed by the Woodland Trust. We all enjoyed the walk and it certainly tired out the ‘little legs’ amongst us, Ewan (age 6) said he liked the beautiful bluebells and finding the black, shiny beetles.

We had a close look at ferns and Margaret found an odd fungus (or slime mould) worthy of further investigation and recording. Some time was spent identifying the fresh green leaves of some of our hazel, beech, hornbeam and sweet chestnut trees. At first glance, many of these new young leaves look similar.